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Town Budgets Series

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7.5 c.f.

The Town Budgets Series is arranged chronologically and contains annual Town of Hempstead Budgets from 1898 through 1976. Budgets after 1976 are still considered active and remain in the Active Vault.

The submission of an annual Town Budget was initially mandated by New York State Law in 1909 (Town Law of 1909, c.63, Section 143 through finish; as added by L.1919, c.396, Section 1.; and amended by L.1922, c.212. - Article 8, Sections 112 & 113, Finances, The Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated, Book 61, Town Law, St. Paul: West Publishing, 1965, p. 322.) Although mandated by New York State Law in 1909, the Town of Hempstead began to produce annual budgets as early as 1898.

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