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Bay Constables

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Category: Bay Constables
Bay Constables

The department has a staff of highly trained Bay Constables who provide assistance to boaters in distress. Bay Constables serve as peace officers who patrol our waterways, enforcing navigation, conservation and marine safety laws and ordinances. In addition, they keep a watchful eye out for pollution and other hazardous situations. Law Enforcement personnel conduct boater safety and hunter safety courses.

The town's shellfish management program also falls within the jurisdiction of the department's Law Enforcement Division. Town Bay Constables are responsible for ensuring that clams are harvested only by those possessing special clamming permits and never from uncertified waters.

For additional information on safety courses or to report information to a law enforcement officer, contact the Bay Constables at (516) 801-5608 or (516) 801-5609.
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