Swift911 FAQ

What is Swift911?

Swift911 is a computerized telephone calling system that can be used to notify you of an emergency situation such as a severe storm evacuation or a dangerous situation.

How does Swift911 work?

Each resident and business within an affected area in the Town of Hempstead will receive a telephone, E-mail and/or text message with an emergency alert. During an emergency notification, the town will attempt to contact you at each of the contacts provided.

Who activates the system?

Only the Town of Hempstead Department of Public Safety can activate or send an alert.

I have an unlisted phone number. Will I be listed in the database?

To be sure you are listed, sign up for Swift911 alerts by visiting www.toh.li/emergency-services/swift911-emergency-notification. You must first register to use the Swift911 Portal by creating a user name (a valid E-mail address) and password. After your registration verification is confirmed, you may enter your primary telephone number as well as up to three alternate telephone numbers.

If I do not have internet access, how can I sign up?

Online registration via the Swift911 Portal is required. Please ask a friend or family member to assist you or contact our Helpline for further assistance. 

How can I get a text message?

Simply provide your contact information by visiting  www.toh.li/emergency-services/swift911-emergency-notification. After you have registered for an account and it has been verified, you may enter your cell phone number and check the "Opt-In" box for TXT/SMS Messages. 

I'd rather not be listed - how can I take my name off of the system?

You may modify your contact information by visiting TOH.LI/emergency-services/swift911-emergency-notification. At the bottom of the Swift911 Portal, click on the type of notification you wish to unsubscribe from (Phone Calls, E-mails or Text Messages). Enter the information you wish to have removed from the database and confirm by entering it a second time. You will then receive a 4-digit confirmation code via a phone call, e-mail or text message. To complete the opt-out process, you will be required to enter that confirmation code on the next screen. This confirmation process is required to prevent fraudulent opt-out requests.