Holocaust Remembrance Day | 04/19/2018

Holocaust Remembrance Day Lecture with Alex Konstantyn

Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 7 PM
Merrick Golf Course Clubhouse, Clubhouse Road, Merrick

Alex was born in 1937 in Varenz, Poland. In 1941, the fear of the Nazis forced his family from their home, seeking refuge in the countryside. After his father was poisoned by a farmer, their survival depended on his mother having to contend with two powerful enemies, the Nazis and hunger. Near the end of the German occupation, they were sheltered by a Polish landowner. After the war, his mother remarried, and they moved to Israel. Alex finished high school and spent 2 ½ years in the Israeli army before reuniting with his family in the United States. Following graduation and the Jewish Theological Seminary, he dedicated his life to Jewish education. Retiring in 2009 from his position as Principal of the East Meadow Jewish Center, he and his wife live on Long Island, blessed with two children and eight grandchildren.

Limited to 150 people.

Tickets required.Free admission. First come, first served.