Nassau Sets Your Assessment, But Hempstead Town Can Help You Lower Your Taxes – Property Tax Assessment Challenge Assistance Available

With the beginning of a new year, Nassau County residents will begin receiving notice of their Nassau County property tax assessments. Supervisor Kate Murray and Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin are reminding residents of the importance of challenging their assessments if they believe that their home’s assessment is out of line (too high) in contrast to comparable properties with similar characteristics in their neighborhood.

Property tax assessments are determined by Nassau County, not the Town of Hempstead; however, Murray and Clavin are committed to educating residents on how to challenge them. The town’s guide that is being mailed to residents provides instructions on how to challenge assessments, the basis upon which property taxes are determined. Assessments can only be lowered or remain the same as a result of a challenge – they cannot be increased.

“Challenging your home’s assessment is your right as a property taxpayer and is essential to ensuring that you are not paying more in taxes than your fair share,” stated Murray. “Taxpayers have nothing to lose and so much to gain by challenging their assessments.”

Residents should know that Nassau County currently utilizes a four-year cyclical valuation system, which freezes property assessments for four years. Unless physical changes are made to your property or you received an assessment reduction resulting from a challenge, your assessed value will not change during that four-year period. Nassau officials believe this system offers greater assessment stability and predictability for property owners.

If you live in an incorporated village within the Town of Hempstead, your village government determines property assessments upon which village taxes are calculated. Residents living in an incorporated village should contact their village assessor for information regarding challenging their home’s village assessment, in addition to filing with the county assessor.

“Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity,” stated Clavin. “Now is a great time to make sure your assessment is accurate and there is no fee to file an application for correction.”

To challenge your home’s assessment, you may file a property assessment challenge online at or in person at the Department of Assessment, located at 240 Old Country Road in Mineola. You may file the challenge by yourself or contact a local firm to assist you. All assessment challenges must be filed by March 2, 2015.