FREE “WHALE” Kit Safeguards Children in Emergencies, Resource Provides First Responders with Important Information

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray encourages residents to take advantage of an important free resource that could come in handy and be a life-saver in the event of an emergency

Through the Town of Hempstead, neighbors can receive a free “WHALE kit”. WHALE, which stands for “We Have a Little Emergency,” provides emergency responders with key medical and contact information for young children in the event of a motor vehicle accident that leaves the driver unable to communicate with emergency personnel. The WHALE information label, affixed to the child’s car seat, assists responders in providing the appropriate and timely medical care in the event he or she is injured.

“I encourage all parents, guardians, babysitters and other caretakers to obtain a WHALE kit,” Murray said. “It will certainly provide them with peace of mind knowing that their child will receive the proper care that he or she needs in the event of an emergency.”

The kit includes one information label with pertinent information about the child, as well as WHALE car seat and window stickers to alert the emergency personnel of your participation in the program. The kit is especially recommended for those who transport children who are under the age of 4, and/or those who are less than 40 pounds.

Town residents can obtain their own free WHALE kit by calling (516) 812-3303.