Murray Announces ‘Round 2’ of ‘War on Potholes’ in Hempstead Town; Set to ‘Knock Out’ Road Repairs After Harsh Winter

After Mother Nature’s repeated assaults on our roadways this past winter, Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilman Gary Hudes are battling back, and are set for Round Two of “Fighting Potholes” in America’s largest township. After a second successive year of “crater-making” winter storms, Murray and Hudes announced that the town will employ a multi-pronged strategy, which includes transferring workers from the town’s parks and sanitation crews to assist in pothole repairs, as well as using foremen to proactively seek out potholes in addition to responding to residents’ calls.

Murray and Hudes announced the plan during a press event at the pothole-riddled intersection of Hilda Street and Rowehl Drive in East Meadow. Joining Murray and Hudes were Town Clerk Nasrin Ahmad and Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin.

“This is the second straight winter season to wreak havoc on Town of Hempstead roadways,” stated Murray. “Working together with residents who report problem areas and adding staff to our pothole repair teams, the town is making pothole repair a top priority.”

“The Town of Hempstead is implementing a major pothole repair initiative in response to several major winter storms,” added Councilman Hudes. “Under the leadership of Supervisor Kate Murray, we will be ‘knocking-out’ road damage across our township.”

Hempstead Town experienced nearly a dozen major storms this past winter. Indeed, a one-two punch of frigid temperatures and unusually high snow accumulation left craters in roadways throughout the township. This winter’s tidings from Mother Nature come on the heels of a brutal 2014 winter season, which also ravaged area roadways.

The town will be dedicating approximately 30 trucks to pothole repair work alone, a marked increase of over 18 trucks ordinarily on the job. Township roadway repair efforts have already entailed the use of almost 225 tons of asphalt this year. Hempstead Town has received approximately 600 calls to fill roadway craters. Additionally, town highway workers have filled hundreds of other potholes they have encountered while responding to potholes that have been reported.

The Town Highway Department has been out in force this winter, responding to hundreds of pothole-related calls from residents and business owners throughout the town. However, given the severity of multiple winter storms this year, Murray and Hudes have directed that workers from the town Parks Department and Sanitation Department be cross-trained in pothole repair and added to the road crews.

The town is also upgrading its pothole-location system. While residents can continue to report potholes on town roads by calling the Town Highway Department at (516) 812-3471, the town will now be sending foremen out to look for trouble spots and report them to pothole repair crews.

Murray and Hudes noted that the town is responsible for repair of town roadways, generally the local residential streets in neighborhoods. New York State and Nassau County oversee the parkways and most major roads in commercial areas. To report potholes on Nassau County roads, residents are asked to call (516) 571-6900. For reporting potholes on New York State roads, the state hotline for residents to call is 1-800-POTHOLE. Residents of incorporated villages should call their villages for pothole repair.

“Working in partnership with residents, the town is doing everything in its power to fill potholes and repair roadways as quickly and safely as possible,” concluded Murray. “Residents should not hesitate to contact the Town Highway Department to report any road damage in their areas.”