Murray & Garden City Neighbors Declare Victory - PSEG Withdraws Plan to Build “Monster Poles,” Utility to “Bury the Cable” Underground

Only five days after rallying against PSEG’s plan to install 80-foot  “monster” utility poles, Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray, local officials and Garden City neighbors gathered again today at the intersection of Brook Street and Grove Street to declare victory.

Standing in a field that straddles local homes and Commercial Avenue – in the shadow of where PSEG intended to replace faulty wiring with 19 “monster” poles – Murray announced that the utility has pulled the plug on its plans and will now keep the cables underground.

“It’s impossible to win a victory unless you dare to battle,” Murray said. “I’m proud to say that today we can declare victory – after we called on PSEG to ‘keep their poles and bury the cable,’ the utility has nixed its ill-conceived plan. This is truly a hallmark win for the community, not only for the present, but also for the future.”

The good news arrived only a few days after Murray joined with Congresswoman Kathleen Rice, local officials and Garden City neighbors to oppose PSEG’s plan to replace damaged underground high-powered utility transmission cables with a power line suspended on monster poles that would have been twice the size of ordinary utility poles. Both Murray and Rice indicated that there is no justification to add to local visual pollution with new higher utility poles in the area. 

Furthermore, Murray had also expressed frustration over the fact that the utility only notified local neighbors about the proposed project in response to her written insistence that community involvement be a component of any proposed plan to site new utility poles in the area.

“I’ve been assured by PSEG officials that they will do a better job notifying neighbors of major projects in the future,” Murray said. “Neighbors deserve more respect, and should never be blindsided again.”

Murray emphasized the importance of the victory, noting that it could prevent other local communities from being subjected to the potential for ugly and obtrusive poles popping up in the future.

“I want to thank Congresswoman Kathleen Rice and all of the local officials and neighbors who stood up to PSEG and said “NO” to their hideous plans,” Murray said. “Ruining a neighborhood’s aesthetics by cutting corners and doing repairs on the cheap is simply unacceptable. This victory is not only important for this neighborhood, but for all of our communities that could impacted by a proposal like this in the future.”