Hempstead Town Helps Rebuild Sandy-Damaged Island Park by Knocking Down Village Hall

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and Senior Councilman Anthony Santino have come to the aid of the Sandy-slammed Village of Island Park, knocking down the seaside community’s storm-ravaged Village Hall in preparation for the construction of a new municipal structure.  As Murray knocked down the first wall of the Village Hall, she and Santino were joined by Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin, Town Clerk Nasrin Ahmad, Island Park Mayor Michael McGinty, Deputy Mayor Stephen D’Esposito and members of the Village Board.

“Sometimes the best way to ‘rebuild’ is by knocking something down,” said Murray.  “In this case, we are helping the Island Park neighbors by demolishing the Village Hall which was decimated by Hurricane Sandy, clearing the way for a new municipal building to be constructed.”

The town is demolishing the village building and removing debris as part of an inter-municipal agreement between Island Park and the town.  In exchange, the Village of Island Park has authorized the town to utilize the village’s parking areas for storing and staging of town equipment and vehicles in the event of future emergencies, such as hurricanes and other natural disasters.  The agreement will offer genuine cost savings to Island Park’s government and village residents, both having been hit with mammoth recovery and rebuilding costs in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  In fact, every home in the island village received water damage as a result of the 2012 Superstorm.  At the same time, Hempstead Town will be gaining an important strategic staging area for emergency response operations in the event of future coastal emergencies.  Indeed, the town’s mobile command center and mobile offices were deployed in storm-damaged communities across the south shore after Hurricane Sandy.

“This partnership is giving a beautiful waterside community a helping hand as it continues to battle back from Hurricane Sandy,” said Murray.  “This entire agreement is all about people helping one another as we all continue to rebuild our homes , our communities and our lives,” added Santino.

“The Village of Island Park is eager to continue working with Hempstead Town for the benefit of our mutual constituents,” said Island Park Mayor Michael McGinty.  “This type of governmental cooperation saves taxpayers money and provides for truly efficient delivery of services.”

The agreement grants Hempstead Town with access to a total of three of the village’s parking lots in the event of an emergency.

“Through this agreement, we’re helping Island Park recover and rebuild by knocking down Village Hall, while also preparing for what the future may bring,” Murray concluded.  “I want to thank Councilman Santino, Mayor McGinty and the village board for working together for the betterment of Island Park.”