Murray Welcomes Owners of New Affordable Home to Inwood, Hempstead Town Celebrates Completion of New Homes

The American dream of home ownership is alive and well in the Town of Hempstead, as Supervisor Kate Murray, Senior Councilman Anthony J. Santino and Councilman Bruce Blakeman today welcomed an excited family to their new affordable home in the community of Inwood. The spacious home on Jeanette Avenue is one of five newly constructed affordable homes completed in Inwood.

Murray, Santino and Blakeman presented new homeowner Ramon Rodriguez, along with his fiancée Virsania Feliz and their 9-year-old son Eric, with a giant commemorative key and a “Welcome Home” mat to mark the special occasion.

“I’m delighted that we could make the dream of owning a home a reality for this wonderful family,” Murray said. “We take great pride in our affordable homes program, which offers great opportunities for families seeking the American dream of homeownership, while also helping to revitalize our communities.”    

In addition to the home on Jeanette Avenue, three other affordable homes are located on Walcott Avenue and one on Monroe Street. The 1,715 square-foot homes, constructed by Anray Custom Builders, feature three bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a dining room, a kitchen, a living room, a laundry room, a utility room and a one-car garage. The homes were sold for a price of $172,000.

Mr. Rodriguez was selected for the opportunity to purchase a lovely home in Inwood as part of an affordable homes lottery. As a winner, the family was able to purchase the wonderful home for a fraction of the market rate of similar homes in the community.    

 “Through our town’s affordable homes program, we help families realize the dream of home ownership, and we’re also enhancing our communities,” Santino said.

“With pride, we welcome this family to their beautiful new affordable home in the community of Inwood,” Blakeman added. “I wish them many years of happiness as they begin a new journey as homeowners.”

In the last two decades, Hempstead Town has built more than 200 affordable homes in several communities, including Inwood, Roosevelt, Lakeview, Baldwin and Freeport. Applicants must agree not to resell the house within 10 years. The town’s affordable homes program’s success is evident, as not a single home has been the subject of a foreclosure over the course of 20 years. What’s more, many of the town’s affordable homeowners have invested in their homes and neighborhoods, making improvements to their homes and becoming proud members of their communities. Often, the new homes replace blighted properties, helping to renew neighborhoods.             

In June, Hempstead Town marked National Home Ownership Month by breaking ground on the next phase of affordable homes, seven houses located in the communities of Freeport and Roosevelt.  “Congratulations to Mr. Rodriguez, Ms. Feliz and their son, Eric, for starting this new chapter of their lives at this splendid home in Inwood,” Murray said. “Our town looks forward to celebrating more of these wonderful occasions as we continue our successful affordable homes program.”