Murray and Blakeman Announce Mill Brook Library District Vote

Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilman Bruce Blakeman have announced that on August 4th the Hempstead Town Board passed a resolution which will provide residents of the Mill Brook Library District an opportunity to vote in a special election to choose a host library for library services.  The library district is comprised of residents who live in certain areas of Valley Stream.

“As the contract with the Henry Waldinger Memorial Library, the current host library, will expire on December 31, 2015, New York State law requires that a special election be called to approve a new contract and an associated budget with a host library,” said Murray.  “We are committed to ensuring that residents continue to enjoy all of the educational, cultural and social benefits that go along with having full library services.”

The special election will take place on Thursday, August 27, 2015, from 12:00 noon to 9 p.m. Only persons who are registered to vote with the Board of Elections and who live in the Mill Brook Library District will be eligible to vote. Registered voters will receive notification by mail with details regarding the vote, including the associated contract budget.

On August 27th residents of the Mill Brook Library District will have an opportunity to consider a four-year contract and budget with the Henry Waldinger Memorial Library with a 2016 budget of $236,670.00. That figure will be adjusted during the contract period for cost of living. Special election expenses of approximately $10,000 shall be added to the district’s budget.

Residents of the Mill Brook Library District should vote at their regular polling stations which include the Forest Road School, Forest Road, Valley Stream, the Robert W. Carbonaro School, Hungry Harbor Road at Mill Road, Valley Stream and the Ogden Elementary School, 875 Longview Avenue, North Woodmere.

“The approval of a library funding district for 2016 through 2019 will afford residents continuing access to borrowing privileges and all of the other library services and benefits that they have received since the library district was first established in 2002,” said Blakeman.

Absentee ballots are available from the Office of the Town Attorney by contacting Deputy Town Attorney Eugene Ferencik at (516) 812-3202. Any questions about the library referendum may be addressed Councilman Blakeman’s office at (516) 812-3523.