Supervisor Murray Honors 17 Police Officers During Hempstead Town’s 2015 Police Service Awards Ceremony

Supervisor Kate Murray today honored 17 police officers for their outstanding service during the Town of Hempstead’s 2015 Police Service Awards ceremony at the Nathan L. H. Bennett Pavilion at Hempstead Town Hall. Police officers from the villages of Freeport, Garden City, Hempstead, Lynbrook, Rockville Centre and from the Nassau County Police Department were recognized for their respective acts of heroism in the line of duty.

“While we live, work and raise our families here in the Town of Hempstead, our dedicated police officers are patrolling the streets to ensure that our quality of life is protected,” stated Murray. “I am proud to present these 17 police officers with the town’s Police Service Award in recognition of their heroic and selfless acts.”

The following police officers were honored during the town’s 2015 Police Service Awards ceremony:

Officer Nicholas Zaharis, Nassau County 1st Precinct

Officer Glenn Kappenberg and Officer James Rail, Nassau County 2nd Precinct

Officer Mark Kellerman, Nassau County 3rd Precinct

Sergeant Nicholas Stillman, Nassau County 4th Precinct

Detective Gene Angell, Nassau County 4th Squad

Officer Thomas Sullivan, Nassau County 5th Precinct

Officer James Tigue and Officer Robert Kiesel, Nassau County 7th Precinct

Officer Carl Arena and Officer Peter Ellison, Nassau County Bureau of Special Operations

Sergeant Christopher Trapani, Freeport Police Department

Detective Kevin Madden, Garden City Police Department

Officer Jason Sigler, Lynbrook Police Department

Officer Matthew Murphy, Hempstead Police Department

Officer John Siraco, Jr., Rockville Centre Police Department

“I am proud to honor these police officers for their bravery, heroism, dedication and commitment in serving and protecting this great township,” concluded Murray. “Thanks to their selflessness and dedication, Hempstead Town remains a safe community in which to live, work and raise a family.”