Hempstead Town Board Approves Grant Funds for Drug Counseling Services

Supervisor Kate Murray, Senior Councilman Anthony J. Santino and members of the Hempstead Town Board recently approved $100,000 in grant monies for community organizations to aide in their efforts to curtail heroin abuse and assist victims of drug addiction. The two organizations, Yes Community Counseling Center of Levittown and New Horizon Counseling Center of Valley Stream, each received a $50,000 grant. Among an array of services provided to the community by these two organizations are drug addiction services, including counseling and related services to neighbors in need. Joining Murray and Santino in the announcement were Councilmen Gary Hudes, Bruce Blakeman and Ed Ambrosino.  

The approved grants were secured in response to a rise in heroin usage and heroin-related deaths on Long Island and across the nation. This is an extension of Hempstead Town’s ongoing grant assistance program which secures funding throughout the year for several community organizations that provide important services to youth and others in need.

“To combat the rise in heroin usage in our area, these grant funds will provide assistance to organizations dedicated to providing life-saving drug addiction and counseling services to youth and adults,” Murray said “These dedicated organizations are in our communities helping neighbors in need, and we’re happy to assist them in their efforts to help victims of drug addiction and abuse,” Santino added.

“Taking on the war on heroin is an important task,” said Hudes. “One way we can contribute to that fight is by supporting the groups that are helping neighbors in our communities,” added Ambrosino. “I am proud to join with effective community organizations to battle the scourge of heroin in our area,” stated Blakeman.

The $50,000 grants are distributed through the town’s Department of Planning and Economic Development, and the monies have been secured through federal Community Development Block Grant funding.

Earlier this year, Hempstead Town presented a $25,000 grant to the Oceanside Counseling Center, which provides services for those struggling with addiction, and an array of other support programs for neighbors.

“Hempstead Town is committed to battling heroin abuse,” concluded Murray. “This grant funding is an important part of our effort to save the lives of neighbors in our communities.”