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S.T.O.P. Pollution and Help Protect Our Precious Planet, Hempstead Town Announces 2016 Schedule for Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program

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Did you ever STOP and think about what hazardous materials are stored on your shelves, inside your cabinets and sitting around other areas of your home? Many of the everyday items that you use in your household could be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. Thanks to the Town of Hempstead’s S.T.O.P. (Stop Throwing Our Pollutants) program, residents have the opportunity to safely dispose of these harmful products.

Supervisor Anthony J. Santino announced that the 2016 Town of Hempstead S.T.O.P. program kicks off on Saturday, March 19th at Eisenhower Park (Parking Field No. 3) in East Meadow from 8AM to 3PM. The event is open to all Town of Hempstead residents. Waste from commercial establishments, schools, houses of worship or home businesses will not be accepted. Furthermore, commercial vehicles are not permitted at S.T.O.P. events.

“The S.T.O.P. program is effective in preventing harmful toxins from entering the waste stream,” Santino said. “It also reflects our commitment to the environment, and a strong partnership between the town and neighbors.”

At Hempstead Town’s S.T.O.P. program, residents can dispose of an array of household hazardous materials, including bleach, drain cleaners, household batteries, latex and oil-based paints and much more (list of acceptable items included below).

Thanks to Covanta Energy, in an effort to keep mercury out of the waste stream, residents who bring their old thermostat containing mercury will receive a $5 gift card to a local home center (limit of 5 offers per household, please). Additionally, residents who bring their old incandescent light bulbs can exchange them for a free energy efficient bulb (up to 5), while supplies last. For more information on S.T.O.P. and other Department of Sanitation services, call 378-4210 or visit the town website at

“Help us in our efforts to STOP pollution and protect our planet,” Santino said. “Take these household pollutants to one of our many upcoming S.T.O.P. events and dispose them the safe way.”

The following are lists of what residents can and cannot bring to S.T.O.P. events, as well as a schedule of the Town’s 2016 S.T.O.P. programs:

Items accepted at S.T.O.P.include: aerosol cans, ammonia, antifreeze, asbestos (double-bagged), bleach, bug and rodent killers, car batteries, chemistry sets, degreasers, disinfectants, drain cleaners, fertilizers with herbicides, flammable liquids (including fire starter, gasoline and diesel), fluorescent lamps and CFLs (in shatterproof containers including ballasts), household batteries, lacquers, kerosene, latex and oil-based paints, one-time use fire extinguishers, oven cleaners, paint strippers, paint thinners and brush cleaners, photography chemicals, polishes and wood preservatives, propane tanks up to 20 pounds, solvents, spot removers, swimming pool chemicals, telephone books, thermostats (containing mercury), tires (car- off rims), varnish, waste oil and weed killers. The disposal of antifreeze, kerosene and waste oil is limited to six 5-gallon containers only.

Items NOT accepted at S.T.O.P.include ammunition, explosives, commercial fire extinguishers, fireworks, electronic recyclable waste, infectious or medical waste, propane tanks larger than 20 pounds, oxygen tanks, radioactive materials and unlabeled materials.

2016 S.T.O.P. Collection Dates
Hours: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Saturday, March 19: Eisenhower Park Parking Field 3, East Meadow

Sunday, April 17: City Hall Parking Lot, Centre Street off Park Avenue, Long Beach

Saturday, May 14: Newbridge Road Park, Newbridge Road, Bellmore

Saturday, June 11: Bay Park, 1st Avenue, East Rockaway

Sunday, July 10: Town of Hempstead Parking Field L2, Division Avenue (north of Hempstead Turnpike), Levittown

Sunday, August 14: Hempstead Village Dept. of Public Works, 450 Milburn Avenue, Hempstead

Saturday, September 17: Valley Stream State Park, Fletcher Avenue, Entrance, Valley Stream

Sunday, October 16: North Woodmere Park, Branch Boulevard, North Woodmere

Saturday, November 19: Baldwin Park, 3232 South Grand Avenue, Baldwin

Sunday, December 4: Eisenhower Park, Parking Field 3, East Meadow


For further information, please call (516) 378-4210, Option 6

*Partial funding for the S.T.O.P. Program is provided by a grant from
the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

*Presented in cooperation with the Nassau County Department of Parks.
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