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Oceanside Residence is a "No Fly Zone," Town to Remove Airplane from Home Driveway, Citing Potential Danger and Zoning Violation

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Hempstead Town officials have announced that they plan to remove an airplane that has been placed in front of an Oceanside home by the aircraft’s owner.  Building department officials and the township’s top engineer cited the potential danger presented by the storage of a plane in a residential neighborhood, and building inspectors have indicated that the plane’s residential storage is a violation of Hempstead’s Building Zone Ordinance.

In an early April windstorm, the town received reports of the airplane lifting three feet off the ground while one of two tall radio towers on the property collapsed, underscoring the dangers associated with residential storage of both the plane and the unpermitted radio towers.  Subsequent to the storm, the town’s Commissioner of Engineering observed the airplane and issued a report that stated in part, “I cannot certify that the aircraft is properly secured in the event of a strong wind or storm to prevent it from uplifting, falling, collapsing or causing damage and injury to the occupants and/or adjacent property.  Accordingly, I would recommend that the aircraft be removed immediately.”

In tandem with the engineer’s report, the supervisor of inspection services in Hempstead Town’s Building Department issued a Notice of Violation of the Town Code.  The violation of Section 90-1A5 of the code deems the storage of the plane as “unsafe”.  Additionally, Building Department staff issued another Notice of Violation for a tall radio tower antenna on the residential property based upon safety concerns. In support of the radio tower Violation Notice, an inspector observed that a second radio tower on the property collapsed in a recent windstorm.

The Notices of Violation, posted on the home and served by certified mail, directed the property owner to remove the airplane and remaining radio tower by April 19th or face the removal of both the plane and the radio tower by a Hempstead contractor.

“Keeping homeowners and neighbors safe is important,” stated Hempstead Town Councilman Anthony D’Esposito. “Our town is working hard to preserve the local quality-of-life and to ensure public safety.”

“The health and safety of Hempstead Town residents is one of my top priorities,” concluded Hempstead Town Supervisor Santino in justifying the town’s actions in the matter.  “The storage of airplanes and unpermitted radio towers on residential property could easily put the safety of neighbors at risk.  I won’t let that happen.”
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