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Duffy Lives! Cancer-Stricken Foster Dog/Media Sensation Receives Donations for Life-Saving Treatment Thanks to Santino, “Tails of Hope”

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We all remember Duffy, a cancer-stricken 8-year-old American Bulldog who stole our hearts when he found a foster home with a loving mother after an emotional Facebook plea from the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. Continuing the town’s commitment to Duffy and his family, Supervisor Anthony J. Santino has announced today that, through the  “Tails of Hope Fund,” Duffy will receive $8,000 toward his cancer treatments. "Tails of Hope" is a town fund which dedicates all money contributed to the care and treatment of animals. Contributions are tax deductible. Supervisor Santino, Councilman Gary Hudes, Councilman Anthony D’Esposito, Town Clerk Nasrin Ahmad and Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin joined Duffy and his foster mom at her Levittown home to present her with a check. The Supervisor also said that Duffy’s case should inspire others to adopt animals who are sick or have special needs.

“While Duffy is very happy in his new foster home, he is still suffering the physical effects of cancer,” stated Supervisor Santino. “The ‘Tails of Hope’ Fund was created by caring town officials for extraordinary situations exactly like this case, and we are proud to donate the money necessary for his veterinary care. I hope Duffy’s inspiring story will prompt others to adopt an animal that is sick or has special needs.”

Duffy is suffering from histiocytic sarcoma, a cancer that will require several electro-chemotherapy treatments, which will be administered by Dr. Impellizeri of Veterinarian Oncology Services.  Each treatment is estimated to cost $2,000, so the $8,000 could potentially cover the entire cost of Duffy’s bill. Residents have also been contributing to Duffy’s GoFundMe page, and Duffy’s foster mom has pledged to use that money either for additional treatments or to replenish the town’s Tails of Hope Fund for other dogs that are stricken with cancer.

“We are grateful to Duffy’s foster mother for caring for this great dog, and we are confident that this money will go a long way to help his battle with cancer,” said Councilman Hudes. Added Councilman D’Esposito, “I can think of no better use for this ‘Tails of Hope’ money than to help Duffy and his foster mom through this difficult time.”

“Support the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter … the lives of these animals are literally depending on you,” said Sharon Faucett, Duffy’s foster mother. “Won’t you please open your hearts and your homes to either adopt, foster, volunteer or make a donation so that these animals can enjoy the life that they so richly deserve? Please go to the shelter, adopt an animal, fall in love and live happily ever after!”

When the 96-pound canine first moved into his foster home in early May, Supervisor Santino announced the “Duffy Sent Me” pet adoption program, waiving all pet adoption fees for the entire month. The Supervisor described Duffy’s story as a testament to the compassion and dedication residents have for the animals at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter.  

“This is a great example of residents and government coming together to help an animal in need” said Supervisor Santino. “I commend everyone who donated to the Tails of Hope Fund so that Duffy can have a fighting chance at a long and happy life. I know that others will be inspired to adopt as a result of Duffy’s triumphant story.”

Residents who wish to further donate toward Duffy’s care can do so through Tails of Hope by calling the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter at (516) 785-5220 or on the GoFundMe page at
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