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Santino and D’Esposito Remove Oceanside Blight, Hempstead Town Cleans Up Eyesore Property

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Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino and Councilman Anthony D’Esposito today directed town sanitation crews to clean a blighted property in Oceanside. Santino and D’Esposito made the announcement today at the eyesore parcels along Atlantic Avenue in Oceanside, a property that is ridden with overgrown weeds, trash and debris.

The property was in violation of Section 128 of Hempstead Town Code, which deals with the accumulation of garbage, litter, refuse, rubbish or rubble as well as the height of lawns, weeds or brush. Santino and D’Esposito enforced this section of the Town Code to clean up the site. The Oceanside site, which has been in decay, and has been the recipient of multiple summonses for a series of violations, other than those of accumulated debris and overgrowth of vegetation. In specific, owners of the property have been cited for the outside storage of trailers, equipment and unregistered vehicles.  

“The disgusting condition of this property is not only a blight on the community, it has developed into a safety and quality-of-life issue for Oceanside neighbors,” Santino said. “After issuing warnings and summonses, it is time for us to take action to protect this neighborhood.”

“It is crucial for us to preserve the suburban character of our communities, and it is our duty to take action when necessary on behalf of our residents,” D’Esposito said. 

The town is also taking steps to deal with what appears to be a dangerous building on the property. Under the town’s building code, officials have commenced a Chapter 90 proceeding and had an engineering firm inspect the structure. Once the firm's report has been completed and it is determined that the building presents an imminent danger to the public, officials will raise the structure.

Hempstead Town has received complaints on the property for years. Most recently, in June, summonses were issued. The property was still in violation in August, and a letter was delivered to the property owner warning that corrective action would be taken to eliminate violations of the Town Code. With no response to the summonses and warnings, the Town this week began to cut, clean and remove litter and debris. 

“This move is a step in the right direction as we work to rid an eyesore that has haunted neighbors for many years,” Santino said. “We will continue to take the feedback of residents seriously, and when it’s necessary, will take action to protect the character and safety of our communities.”
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