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Santino & Sister of FDNY Hero Preview All New 9-11 Monument in Preparation For Long Island’s Largest September 11th Program

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Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino and Kerri Kiefer-Viverito, the sister of a hero FDNY firefighter who lost his life on 9-11, previewed an all-new 9-11 monument in preparation for Long Island’s largest September 11th program.  The Supervisor revealed the stunning beachside monument which is the centerpiece of the interactive ceremony that actively involves guests.  Santino and Kiefer-Viverito encouraged anyone impacted by the terrorist attacks of 9-11 to attend the town’s ceremony on Sunday, September 11th, 7:30 a.m. at Town Park Point Lookout.  Guests will participate during the program through the casting of carnations in a reflecting pool, writing of victims’ names on a 35-foot-long “remembrance mural” and placing miniature American flags at the base of a 9-11 sand monument.  This year’s program will also include remarks by Kiefer-Viverito and another person who has endured the death of a sibling at Ground Zero.  In addition, the Supervisor and various clergy members will offer reflections on 9-11.  Finally, the town will unveil a rendering of a soon-to-be-built permanent 9-11 monument at the sunrise ceremony.

“This year’s September 11th ceremony will be a powerful program, holding great meaning for those impacted by the terrorist attacks of 9-11,” said Santino.  “Our ceremony will be dedicated to preserving the positive legacy of the heroes who perished that fateful day.”

Kiefer-Viverito, the sister of FDNY hero firefighter Michael Kiefer, will recount her brother’s enduring legacy during Sunday’s program.  She will also detail her personal tribute to Michael, which includes running in the town’s Triathlon the day before the 9-11 ceremony.  The strong symbolism of her participation in the competition will evoke memories for many of one of Michael Kiefer’s final activities before he perished on September 11, 2001.  Indeed, Michael participated in the town’s Triathlon two days before his death.

The Sunday morning ceremony at Town Park Point Lookout is a beachside program.  The town anticipates over 500 guests and encourages neighbors to bring beach chairs as the event often exceeds seating capacity.

The backdrop for the town’s 9-11 program features a 15-foot-tall reverse shadow box of the iconic towers set against a 35-foot-long “remembrance mural” of the skyline of the “world’s capital.” 
A reflecting pool and sand monument will be at the foot of the towers and skyline.

The 9-11 program will include musical performances by the Kellenberg Gregorian Consortium and various soloists.  Two fire department flag arches will greet guests, and the waters of the Atlantic will provide a setting of solace and healing during the program.

“I invite Long Islanders, indeed anyone who has been affected by the terrorists attacks of September 11th to come to Hempstead Town’s 9-11 seaside ceremony,” concluded Santino.  “Join with neighbors in a heartfelt tribute to the heroes of September 11th.”
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