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Santino Proudly Proclaims ‘Sister Municipalities’ with Leaders from the Region of Shomron in Israel

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Town of Hempstead Supervisor Anthony J. Santino, along with Councilmen Bruce Blakeman and Anthony D’Esposito, met with leaders of the Region of Shomron in Israel to proclaim their governmental jurisdictions “sister municipalities” at a press conference today. A Declaration of Cooperation between the Town of Hempstead and the region of Shomron memorializes a partnership between the municipalities, promoting the free exchange of ideas in the areas of culture, technology, education, commerce, industry and tourism, among other areas.

“I am proud that Hempstead Town and the leaders of the Shomron Region in Israel have proclaimed our communities ‘sister municipalities’,” stated Santino. “This mutual commitment will further enhance the strong bonds between Israel and the United States through the cooperation of two local governments. Together, we can encourage and promote ideas beneficial to our residents.”

The positive relationship will also result in a heightened level of opportunity, both economically and socially, as well as in the operations of the respective governments. The signing of the partnership signals a flourishing of bilateral relations that will encourage sharing knowledge and experience for the mutual benefit of the municipalities’ perspective residents. The officials stated that they look forward to hosting delegations and pursuing exchange programs in furtherance of mutual goals in government, business, education, sports, technology and other areas.

“Government leaders in the Shomron Region of Israel and here in Hempstead Town, along with many of our respective residents, recognize a rich tradition of shared values and common interests,” Councilman Bruce Blakeman said. “The relationship that we declared will serve as a foundation for increased and meaningful interaction between our governments, local businesses, educational institutions and our people.”

“This Declaration of Cooperation between the Town of Hempstead and the Region of Shomron is an emblem of the ‘best in international relations’ for other governments around the world,” Councilman Anthony D’Esposito said. “Indeed, our proclaimed ‘strong bonds’ will be a manifestation of the value and effect of a collaborative relationship that spans the globe, backed by sincere government officials who are committed to the mutual benefit of their countries, communities and their local residents.”

Hempstead Town has a strong history of dedication and commitment to Israel, one of our nation’s closest allies. In June of this year, the entire Hempstead Town Board unanimously adopted legislation that prohibits the town government from doing business with individuals or companies that openly boycott against America, Israel and other allies. The Town of Hempstead was among the first municipalities in New York State to pass anti-BDS legislation, which will ensure that the town only contracts with entrepreneurs who are friendly and reject acts of hate and economic hostility.

“The Town of Hempstead will continue to look for ways to promote cooperation between our government and our allies,” Santino added. “I look forward to working with the Region of Shomron as we exchange ideas that will benefit our municipalities.”
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