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Santino: “Box Out” Thieves This Holiday Season by Using Town’s Big Box Drop-Off Location

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Town of Hempstead Supervisor Anthony J. Santino, along with Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Councilman Gary Hudes, Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney, and Councilman Anthony D’Esposito, want to make sure residents can safely enjoy all of the big box items they receive this holiday season by offering a safe drop-off location for any packaging which may catch the eye of a would-be thief.

Boxes for items such as big screen televisions, computers and sound systems, among other boxes from expensive products, are clues to prospective thieves who are looking to rob a home. Instead of leaving the boxes on the curb until the sanitation department can pick them up, residents can safely drop off boxes for a two-week period following Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanzaa at the Town of Hempstead Sanitation Department in Merrick at 1600 Merrick Road.

“The prized item you received as a holiday present might also be on the ‘wish list’ of would-be thieves,” said Santino. “By taking advantage of our ‘big box’ drop-off program, you can get rid of boxes from flat panel T.V.’s and computers without having to worry about ‘tipping off’ robbers about those new expensive ‘toys’ in your house. Don’t leave the boxes on the curb, exposing your family to the prospect of a house break-in. Instead, drop off those boxes at the town’s sanitation facility in Merrick.”

“We want everyone to have a wonderful holiday season,” Goosby added. “This program can keep your family safe.”

The box collection will be available at the Merrick Sanitation Facility from Tuesday, December 27th through Friday, December 30th and Tuesday, January 3rd through Friday, January 6th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information about box collection and other sanitation services, call (516) 378-4210 or visit   

“Staying a step ahead of criminals is the most effective way to protect your family and yourself,” said Hudes. “Enjoy your new items with peace of mind by using the town’s big box drop-off service.”

“As a detective I know first-hand that thieves stake out their targets,” said D’Esposito. “Leaving big screen television boxes and other packages from expensive items outside your home is a risk you do not have to take.”

“Desperate thieves look for any reason to target individuals,” said King Sweeney. “This drop-off program is one more way to make sure you will not be a victim.”

Don’t let your holiday season be ruined. Take advantage of the Town of Hempstead drop-off location. The program is open to Town of Hempstead residents only. No commercial vehicles are permitted.

“The safety of our residents is our number one priority,” Santino concluded. “You can ‘box out’ thieves by taking advantage of this free service that will help ensure an enjoyable and safe holiday season.”
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