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Everyone Loves Getting A Holiday Bargain – Hempstead Buys “Like New” Trucks, Saves Taxpayers $1.3M Over This Year’s Models

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Everyone loves getting a holiday bargain…even your local government. That’s why Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino is happy to announce that the town has gotten a “holiday deal” that will save taxpayers $1.3 million. The “holiday deal” comes in the form of “like new,” completely refurbished heavy duty trucks that will be used for spreading salt, plowing and other similar tasks. The six “like new” trucks are being received just in time for the holiday season and a winter filled with snow removal tasks. Joining the Supervisor at a press conference on the equipment were Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby and Councilman Anthony D’Esposito.

“It’s true, everyone loves getting a holiday bargain, and as a result of some shrewd shopping skills, Hempstead Town is saving $1.3 million for taxpayers during the ‘season of giving,’ ” announced Santino. We’ve acquired six totally refurbished ‘like new’ trucks for a fraction of the cost of this year’s showroom models, thereby reducing the town’s expenditures on heavy equipment.”

The town was able to purchase each truck for just under $35,000, while a brand new truck of the same model normally goes for $250,000. Effectively, the town was able to secure six top-of-the-line trucks for less than the price of one, realizing a total savings of $1.3 million; talk about smart holiday shopping.

“The acquisition of these trucks was a superb move by Supervisor Santino,” said Goosby “A wonderful gift for the Town of Hempstead as the holidays are just around the corner.”

“I should have asked Supervisor Santino to help me with my holiday shopping,” remarked D’Esposito. “He seems to have quite the eye for a bargain.”

The six 2003 Mack Trucks were acquired with less than 20,000 miles on them, providing a guarantee of longevity. The town is considering an ongoing program of purchasing the refurbished trucks over the course of several years. If the town continues its program of purchasing six trucks per year over a five year period, total savings would amount to $6.5 million.

 “Hempstead Town’s truck fleet is prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store this winter,” concluded Santino. “And, the added benefit of these ‘like new’ trucks is that we will be providing great services while offering genuine savings for taxpayers. Now, that’s a holiday present that every taxpayer has on his or her wish list.’”
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