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Taking “Aktion” with Town’s ANCHOR Program for Persons with Special Needs – Announces New Chapter within Kiwanis

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Hempstead Town’s ANCHOR Program and the Kiwanis Club share an important philosophy with Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino: an unyielding desire to help the community. Recently, the ANCHOR Program has partnered with the Peninsula Kiwanis Club to start their own chapter of the Kiwanis Club’s Aktion Club, a community service club for adults with special needs. The new chapter will offer participants the opportunity to serve their community in a variety of ways including fundraising, planting trees, embarking on recycling projects, landscaping community grounds and more.

“I’m excited to support our wonderful ANCHOR Program as it pens a new chapter in the Kiwanis book of community service,” began Santino. “It takes a strong person to face the challenges that our ANCHOR participants face each day, and it takes an even stronger person to overcome those challenges to give back to the community in profound and positive ways. Partnering with the Peninsula Kiwanis is a remarkable move, and I applaud the ANCHOR Program for their wonderful initiative.”

By participating in the Aktion Club, adult campers will partake in a number of empowering community service projects. The club will provide campers with an opportunity to develop initiative and leadership, gain experience in working together, serve the community and prepare for useful citizenship.

“It’s a thrilling project to be a part of,” said Frank Mistero, chairman of the Kiwanis Aktion Club Committee for the ANCHOR Program. “Peninsula Kiwanis has worked side-by-side ANCHOR for over 40 years, and we felt a partnership between the ANCHOR Program and the Kiwanis Aktion Club would increase the beneficial impact each program has on the community.”  

Hempstead Town’s ANCHOR Program has been a driving force in community service since its creation in 1968. The year-round program, dedicated to children and adults with special needs, offers participants social, recreational, educational, cultural and other life enhancing activities. 

“ANCHOR is one of the many treasures of Hempstead Town,” stated Santino. “I look forward to seeing the positive influence that this group will bring to all communities throughout our township. I’d like to thank Peninsula Kiwanis for partnering with ANCHOR on this undertaking.”
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