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Santino Helps Taxpayers & Mother Nature Sleep Better— Town Mattress Recycling Initiative Saves Money, Protects Planet

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“Rest assured,” Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino is working hard to save taxpayers more money while helping to conserve resources and protect the planet through an innovative mattress recycling initiative. Looking on as workers at Renewable Recycling, Inc. disassembled old mattresses and separated the contents, which are up to 80 percent reusable. Santino along with Senior Councilwoman Goosby and Councilman Anthony D’Esposito, discussed the ecological benefits of recycling the bedding’s steel, foam, metal and cotton components while also detailing the substantial taxpayer savings associated with the new effort. Town residents can now throw away used mattresses with a sense of pride that they are now part of a plan that is planet friendly and taxpayer savvy.

“When it comes to saving taxpayers money and protecting the environment, ‘rest assured’ that my administration is enthusiastically committed to both priorities,” said Santino. “I am eager to embark upon this environmentally progressive and taxpayer friendly effort.”

The taxpayer savings under Santino’s new mattress recycling initiative are impressive. In total, Hempstead Town’s Department of Sanitation collects approximately 400 tons of homeowner bedding per year. The cost of recycling the mattresses under the new initiative will produce savings of $30 per ton over the township’s previous disposal cost. In total, the town anticipates saving $12,000 or 43 percent over the amount it was paying for traditional disposal.

“It is a rewarding experience to re-examine the way in which government has traditionally done things and develop a more cost-effective approach,” said D’Esposito. “The best part of my job is helping our taxpayers.”

Under the new agreement, Renewable Recycling, Inc. will accept mattresses collected by the Hempstead Town Department of Sanitation at its facility in Oceanside. The contractor will disassemble the bedding and recycle materials such as cotton “batting,” foam and steel springs. The recycled contents are materials that were formerly carted off to already overburdened landfills, which presented a more damaging impact on the environment.

“It just doesn’t get any better than helping to reduce the cost of government for our taxpayers while helping to protect the environment at the same time,” said Goosby. “This initiative is a win-win for Mother Nature and hard-working residents of our township.”

Santino, Goosby and D’Esposito also indicated that they were proud of the fact that the new contract for mattress recycling involves a woman-owned business. Christine Kiourtsis is the owner-operator of Renewable Recycling, Inc., and is both excited and eager to expand her business in Hempstead Town.

“I am pleased to be operating a business in Hempstead Town, and it is exciting to be expanding our operations in concert with America’s largest township,” stated Christine Kiourtsis. “We look forward to growing both as a movement and operation, and look forward in the near future to bringing local residents on board for employment.”

Residents who are served by Hempstead Town’s Department of Sanitation can schedule a mattress pickup by calling 516-378-8484. Mattresses must be placed at the curb in a “bed bag” on the pickup appointment date.

“Saving money for Hempstead Town taxpayers is my top priority as Supervisor,” concluded Santino, “And, helping keep our planet healthy is another key goal for my administration. I am proud that our government is setting a positive example on both of these imperatives.”
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