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Last Call! Hempstead Town Continues to Waive Building Permit Penalties for Those Who Made Home Improvements Without Approvals- Program Ends May 9th

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Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino is reminding homeowners that the deadline for taking advantage of the money saving building permit amnesty program is quickly approaching. The program waives penalty charges for homeowners who have made improvements to their houses without securing required town permits and inspections at the time of construction. The program, which ends May 9th, can save homeowners up to $1,500 in penalty charges, effectively cutting permit costs in half. At the same time, homeowners can ensure the safety of their home upgrades by securing safety inspections as part of the permitting process. Homeowners who have taken advantage of the program since its inception on January 11th have saved almost $900,000 in penalty fees.

“We are encouraged by the number of people homeowners who have taken advantage of the building permit amnesty so far,” said Santino. “The program presents a great opportunity to save money on permitting costs while ensuring the safety of home improvements.” 

All construction, such as dormers and additions require permits and associated safety inspections. Securing permits for work that has already been completed, commonly called “maintain permits”, ordinarily entails a penalty that is equal to twice the ordinary fee charged for permits issued in advance of performing construction at a home.

The cost of building permits is predicated on the value of the improvements/construction to be performed. For example, the cost of securing a “maintain” permit for a dormer valued at $100,000 would be $3,370 prior to the amnesty program. During the amnesty period, the same permit would cost the property owner $1,685.

Approximately 40 percent of all residential construction permits processed by the Town of Hempstead Building Department are maintain permits. In 2016, approximately 5,300 residential maintain permits were processed. For more information on filing construction permits please contact (516) 538-8500 or visit our website at  

“Improper work that lacks permits and associated town inspections could have deadly consequences,” concluded Santino. “Anything from faulty electrical work to a plumbing job not done right can put your family at risk. Take advantage of our amnesty program, save money and ensure that your home improvements are safe.”
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