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Hempstead Town Helps Planet with Bottle Filling Stations

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Hempstead Town is conserving resources, and it’s as easy as H-2-O! Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino recently launched a water-saving initiative by installing ezH2O Bottle Filling Stations at Town Hall. The initiative will reduce the use of plastic water bottles by employees and constituents while at the same time promoting an easy-to-use healthy alternative to sugary beverages.

“Hempstead Town is continually cutting down on waste,” said Santino. “Instead of bringing disposable plastic water bottles to Town Hall, we are encouraging our employees, as well as constituents, to bring along a reusable water bottle and reduce resource usage by utilizing our water bottle filling stations.”

The stations were easily installed as an attachment to pre-existing water fountains. Each station is sensory activated, providing a sanitary, touch-free alternative to traditional water fountains. Included in the stations is a counter displaying the number of water bottles each station has filled, a filter indicator light that shows when the filter needs to be replaced and an energy efficient L.E.D. light that lets users see when their water bottle is full; minimizing the amount of water going down the drain. Each station can be programmed to turn off at a specific time, thereby lowering energy usage when not in use.

This is only part of the Supervisor’s green energy agenda which led to Hempstead Town being deemed a “Clean Energy Community” by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. Recently, the town oversaw the replacement of 50,000 conventional streetlight lamps with high-efficiency L.E.D. lighting. Additionally, Hempstead Town Hall and the Receiver of Taxes Office converted 4,000 interior light fixtures from conventional fluorescent and incandescent fixtures to energy efficient L.E.D. lamps.

“There are many important benefits that come from these conservation initiatives,” concluded Santino. “Aside from promoting healthy alternatives and cost savings for taxpayers, we are on our way to a greener future.”
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