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Hempstead Town Continues Full Care of Feral Cat Colony at Waste Transfer Station, Protects Public by Restricting Access to Site That Processes 22k Tons of Waste & Utilizes Heavy Trucks, Equipment

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Hempstead Town is maintaining its strong and unwavering commitment to the well-being of animals in their natural habitat, including feral cats, by continuing the humane care of a colony of cats at a municipal sanitation site. At the same time, America’s largest township is continuing to protect the public at the waste handling facility in Oceanside.  Specifically, town personnel are caring for a colony of feral cats at the sanitation transfer station, continuing the task of feeding, providing shelter and changing litter for the feline population at the site.   Simultaneously, the facility has restricted access to the sanitation facility, which handles over 22,000 tons of waste a year, to municipal employees.  Restrictions are in place as a matter of safety, as well as to minimize the liability exposure to the township and its taxpayers.

Feeding and care of the cats has continued without interruption at the site where cats benefit from a spacious shelter which offers protection from the elements.  Further, the animals have been subject to a humane TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program to control overpopulation.  The kind and competent caring of the colony was affirmed during a June 23rd inspection by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The independent and highly respected agency found no deficiencies in the care rendered and the inspector indicated that the agency was well satisfied with the conditions and care of the cats.

The Oceanside Transfer Station is a sanitation facility operated by the Hempstead Town Department of Sanitation.  Trained workers handle over 22,000 tons of material that pass through the facility’s gates on an annual basis.  Bulky items (i.e. refrigerators and washing machines, etc.), municipal agricultural waste, landscaper waste, newspapers, metal, shredded paper, e-cycling waste and other materials are among the items processed and handled at the transfer station.

The site does not allow entry of the general public onto the property as serious safety risks exist for persons who are not familiar or trained to deal with the facility’s operations and equipment. Indeed, payloaders, large trucks, tractors and other heavy equipment present conditions that are not safe or suitable for the general public. Serious liability risks for the town and its taxpayers would result if the public were provided access to the site. 

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