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Santino “Keeps Truckin,’” Purchasing “Like New” Dump Trucks & Salt Spreaders for $250K Below Retail … Planned Purchase of 5 Additional “Pre-Loved” Trucks Could Add $900K in Savings

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When it comes to saving taxpayers money, Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino just “keeps on truckin’!” With the winter season approaching, Santino announced that the town has saved more than $250,000 compared to retail prices by purchasing two “lightly-used” dump trucks, along with two “almost new” salt/brine spreaders which attach directly to the heavy duty vehicles. At the same time, the town is poised to purchase five “pre-loved” salt spreading trucks that could present an additional savings of $900,000 compared to “showroom new” pricing. Supervisor Santino made the announcement today at the Roosevelt Highway Yard, joined by Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Councilman and Deputy Supervisor Anthony D’Esposito, Councilman Dennis Dunne and Town Clerk Nasrin Ahmad.

“Keeping our roads clear of snow is one of the Town of Hempstead’s most important functions … being able to do it while saving taxpayers money is my number one priority,” stated Supervisor Santino. “These ‘like new’ salt and brine spreaders and dump trucks will be put to excellent use on town roadways, while offering substantial savings for local taxpayers. Now that’s ‘doing more with less!’”

The two used salt and brine spreaders, which were used for demonstration and display, were purchased at a total cost of $92,832 ($46,416 each), nearly half of the price to purchase new equipment. The spreaders will be affixed to the backs of town trucks to spread rock salt and/or brine as needed. The “like new” dump trucks – each of which have only about 10,000 miles of use – were purchased for a total cost of $309,828, a total savings of $171,000 over purchasing new equipment. All told, the town realized a total savings of $251,974 by purchasing “like new” equipment versus brand new.

In addition, the town is currently seeking to purchase five refurbished heavy-duty salt/brine spreading trucks. These trucks are the same type as the town purchased earlier this year. If the cost is comparable to the previous purchase prices, savings compared to showroom models, the town would realize a savings of approximately $900,000 for all five trucks.

In total, Hempstead Town could realize $1.15 million in savings, combining the already purchased equipment and the planned acquisition of five new vehicles, when compared to brand new equipment.

“Supervisor Santino continues to produce innovative methods of providing important municipal services while doing so at the lowest possible cost to Town of Hempstead taxpayers,” said Senior Councilwoman Goosby. “We are confident that this lightly used equipment will work like new once put to use on town roadways.”

“I am proud to partner with Supervisor Santino on the procurement of these ‘like-new’ salt and brine spreaders as he follows through on his promise to ‘do more with less’,” said Councilman D’Esposito. Added Councilman Dunne, “With these ‘like new’ trucks and salt/brine spreaders on the road, the Town of Hempstead is certainly prepared to take on Mother Nature this winter.”

Just as the salt/brine spreaders represent a significant cost savings to the town, so too does the brine solution that is utilized when compared to the use of 100 percent rock salt. Experts estimate that using brine entails a 66-75 percent cost reduction factor over the use of rock salt, and that the town could realize nearly $300,000 in savings during a substantial storm. As brine can be applied to local roadways up to 48 hours before a storm, the town can avoid potential overtime costs that would previously be required when using rock salt, which is most effective when put down during a storm.

 “We are working hard to save taxpayers money,” concluded Santino. “This winter we will be clearing snow from our roads in an even more effective and cost-efficient manner.”
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