Extended Property Tax Challenge Deadline Approaching

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Issued by: Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin

Clavin Releases Video on How to Grieve Assessments to Help Homeowners
“Beat the Clock”

After Nassau extended its deadline for the filing of Property Tax Challenges to April 2nd, residents have been scrambling to “beat the clock” and get their property tax assessment challenges filed with the county. In an effort to assist homeowners, many who have expressed a desire for greater clarity on the assessment process, including property tax challenges, Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin has produced a “how-to” video that takes residents through a step-by-step tutorial on grieving assessments. Clavin emphasized that homeowners should take advantage of the extra time provided for challenging their assessment, urging neighbors to view his video and file their grievances immediately. The original property tax deadline had been March 1st, prior to the county granting the filing extension to April 2nd. Clavin was joined by his colleagues in government Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney and Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr.

“I am happy that the Nassau County Executive has granted an extension of the deadline in which to challenge property tax assessments,” stated Clavin. “I encourage homeowners to take advantage of the extended deadline, visit our town’s website to view my instructional video and file your property tax grievance before April 2nd.”

The Receiver called the extended deadline “very important” in light of feedback that he has been receiving from the public at the over 30 taxpayer forums that he has hosted. Clavin observed that there has been widespread confusion over the property tax challenge deadline on the part of property owners who have attended the seminars. Further, homeowners have questions about the county’s assessment system, the grievance process, options and strategies with regard to pursuing assessment challenges in successive years, as well as the County Executive’s proposed assessment updates.

“Throughout my series of taxpayer seminars, it has become increasingly clear that widespread confusion exists about Nassau’s Assessment System, the county’s plan to update assessments, the extended deadline for challenging property taxes, as well as options and strategies of which homeowners should be aware,” said Clavin. “I have used the taxpayer forums to answer as many questions as possible on the issue of assessments, and the posting of this new “how-to” video on challenging assessments will help walk people through the tax grievance process. Among other things, the video will help resolve questions neighbors may have regarding how to go about challenging their assessments.”

Residents who would like to view the video guide to challenging assessments can visit the town’s website at toh.li/challenge-and-lower-your-taxes. The video can also be viewed on the Receiver of Taxes' YouTube channel . Clavin encourages homeowners to call his office at 538-1500 and the Nassau County Department of Assessment at 571-1500 with questions regarding assessment challenges.

“Homeowners have a ‘golden opportunity’ to challenge their assessment as a result of the extended deadline, and I encourage neighbors to follow the video guide to grieving property taxes now,” commented Sweeney. Dunne agreed with his fellow councilmember remarking, “This how-to video guide is clear and easy to follow; I commend the Receiver for helping homeowners challenge their assessment.”

Clavin is continuing to host taxpayer seminars, as residents are still unaware of the deadline extension for filing a property tax challenge. What’s more, the Receiver observed that many homeowners were unclear over the county’s planned assessment update initiative and its prospective impact on property tax grievances. On the heels of a major news report that pointed out substantial property tax assessment inequities among similar homes in the same neighborhoods, Clavin indicated that neighbors need more information on assessment grievance options and strategies to ensure the greatest benefit. In specific, those who challenge assessments annually have, as a group, benefitted from lower assessments and taxes than neighbors who have not challenged their assessments or only challenged every few years, as opposed to annually. Finally, the Receiver also noted that many property owners are surprised to learn that assessment challenges do not require the services of a professional grievance firm.

“The combination of holding more taxpayer forums and releasing the video on challenging assessments constitute a strong effort to help homeowners deal with a very complex issue that is in a state of flux,” said Clavin. “Nassau County’s assessment system is broken, but Hempstead Town is continuing to help neighbors to challenge their assessments and lower their taxes.”

For a full listing of Clavin’s upcoming taxpayer forums, visit the Receiver’s page on Hempstead Town’s website toh.li/taxpayer-forums.