Hempstead Supervisor Laura A. Gillen Streamlines Town Finances With New Credit Card Processing System

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Issued by: Town of Hempstead, Office of Supervisor Laura Gillen

- Supervisor Gillen Passes 21st Century Solution by Adding Credit Card Machines with Lower Processing Fees -

(HEMPSTEAD, NY) March 20, 2018 - Town of Hempstead Supervisor Laura A. Gillen lauded passage of her proposal to bring in new credit card machines to the Town of Hempstead in order to safely and securely streamline the Town’s finances with new credit card processing payment options.

The resolution, passed unanimously by the Town Board, replaces the Town’s 3 credit card processing machines with 63 new machines, while providing a reduction in pricing and fees on what the Town currently pays.

“America’s largest Town should be able to accept common credit cards for everyday payments,” said Supervisor Laura Gillen. “Besides convenience, credit cards offer additional safety and security to both residents and the Town.”

Under the new contract, credit card fees would be cut by more than half, .25% to .12%, and would be made widely available in most of the Town’s departments and agencies.

“As the Chief Executive and Financial Officer of the Town of Hempstead, the ability to save even a few cents on every dollar can quickly multiply into significant cost savings,” said Gillen. “I will continue looking for ways to make government more accessible and cost-efficient wherever possible.”

The expanded, up-to-date technologies are expected to speed up the recording and depositing of receipts, while reducing the cost of processing transactions and helping ensure disbursements are properly recorded.