Online Tax Payments

The online tax payment system is not currently active. All payments must be made to the Nassau County Treasurer.

You may pay your current tax bill, by credit card or electronic check, online or by telephone. Payment by credit card will incur a convenience fee of 2.35% of their total tax payment (minimum fee $1.00). Payment by electronic check will incur a convenience fee of $1.50. These fees are not paid to the Town of Hempstead, they are paid to Official Payments Corporation for processing the transaction. The Town of Hempstead does not profit from this convenience fee.

At the Official Payments website, you will be prompted to enter either your bill number, located on the upper left corner of the bill, or your property description (S.D. Code, Section, Block and Lot). Your total payment amount, including any penalty for late payment, discount for early payment and convenience fee will be shown in an itemized display before you are asked to finally approve payment. Please note that a minimum convenience fee of $1.00 applies for credit card transactions.

The Town of Hempstead offers these services for your convenience. Before proceeding, however, you MUST have your tax bill in front of you. Make sure you locate your School District number and Section, Block, and Lot numbers in the upper-left portion of your bill, and your Total Tax amount in the lower-right portion of your bill. Failures to have the bill in front of you, locate these numbers, or properly enter them can cause errors in your payment, which will be the taxpayer's responsibility.

Please note that only the current, open tax year can be paid online through Official Payments Corporation. Once a tax levy has been closed, payments must be made to the Nassau County Treasurer. They cannot be made through Official Payments Corporation. Please contact the Nassau County Treasurer's Office to pay past taxes and open tax liens.