Twin Lakes Preserve

Hours of Operation
Open dawn to dusk. Call the Department of Conservation and Waterways at (516) 431-9200 for further information.

The Twin Lakes Preserve is located north of Sunrise Highway east of Old Mill Road in Wantagh. Access points are located behind the Forest Lake School located on Beltagh Avenue and Old Mill Road, on Park Avenue west of the Wantagh Parkway overpass and on Sunrise Highway.
Photos by Michael Farina
Come and see the fields of Yellow Lotus.
Wantagh Pond
See the Cattail in Wantagh Pond.
Fish or walk the trails around Seaman Pond, the largest of the trio.
Observe sunfish guarding their aquatic nests.
Walk the wooded paths that surround the three ponds.
In the soft moist mud, the large green leafed Skunk Cabbage thrive.
Seaman Pond looking southeast.
Catch a glimpse of the mighty carp jumping from the water during spawning season.
Canada Geese at Forest Lake, the northern and smallest pond, with their chicks in early June.
See if you can sneak up on a Painted turtle or Red-eared Slider.
Great Egrets walking on the Yellow Lotus looking for fish and frogs.
Small foot bridges allow access across the creeks.
American Goldfinch
Hear the meowing sounds of the Gray Catbird.
The call of the Cedar Waxwings reminds you of a squeaky bicycle wheel.
The chatter of the bright orange female Baltimore Oriole warns you that her nest is nearby.
The striking color of the male Oriole makes it unmistakable.
Osprey fly in to hunt for sunfish, pickerel, carp, trout, or in this case largemouth bass.
Come and see the fields of Yellow Lotus.
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The Twin Lakes Preserve, located on Old Mill Road in Wantagh, is dedicated to the understanding, preservation and enjoyment of Long Island's natural environment. The 58-acre preserve features five fresh water ponds and extensive sections of fresh water wetlands and transitional stage woodlands. In its picturesque and serene setting, residents may partake of such outdoor activities as bird watching, sports fishing or hiking and exploring along a trail system. The preserve also serves as a nature study area for those who wish to expand their knowledge of the environment.