Goosby, Town Board Join with L.I. Cares To Send 250 Cases of Water to Puerto Rico - Supply to Restock Depleted First Wave of Aid

Issued by: Council Member Dorothy Goosby

Hempstead Town Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby has spearheaded an effort to collect desperately needed bottled water for residents of storm-ravaged Puerto Rico. And, Goosby has gratefully accepted the generosity of Long Island Cares, a non-profit organization that will arrange transport of the collected items to be delivered to the Caribbean island. Joining Goosby for the transfer of the bottled water from the town to Long Island Cares were Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney, as well as Councilmen Ed Ambrosino, Anthony D’Esposito and Dennis Dunne, Sr. The officials indicated that the water donations are needed to replenish an initial wave of donations that have been exhausted. Additionally, Goosby is working to increase awareness of the ongoing need for relief supplies in Puerto Rico.

“It’s been four months since Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands,” said Goosby. “While an initial wave of donated items were welcomed by our neighbors in the Caribbean, it is important to note that the need is still great and people are still struggling. By sending supplies like this to Puerto Rico, we are helping to restore depleted relief items. What’s more, by publicizing this shipment of water, we are reminding people that there are Hurricane victims that still desperately need help.”

Goosby and her Town Board colleagues have already collected relief supplies for communities in Florida, Texas and the Caribbean who have been hit by successive storms, including Irma, Harvey and Maria. The town has worked with a variety of volunteer groups to collect and transport relief items.

“I am proud to work with Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby to bring relief to victims of storms that have devastated neighbors on our mainland and in the Caribbean,” said King Sweeney. “The need for pure water is still genuine and widespread in Puerto Rico.”

According to reports, over 76,000 residents on the island are not served by the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, relying on surface water, wells and other sources that may be contaminated. Additionally, the ability to sanitize water is limited as many of those who use electricity to boil water are without power. Indeed 30 percent of Puerto Rico remains without electricity.

“These are desperate times, and the residents of Puerto Rico need our help,” said Ambrosino. Added D’Esposito, “It’s important to remember that people are still facing serious adversity four months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. In fact, I have relatives who live on the Island, and I have strong ties to them and all of those impacted by Hurricane Maria.”

“Our government has a solid record of helping people in their time of need, and that commitment remains strong today,” stated Dunne.

The Senior Councilwoman recognized Jerome Martin, a supervisor at the township’s sanitation facility in Merrick. Mr. Martin solicited much of the 5,760 bottles of donated water bound for Puerto Rico from local businesses and organizations. Among the businesses and groups who donated the relief supplies were Red Ravens Football Team of Freeport, T&L Beverage of Freeport, Atlantic Avenue Auto Body of Freeport and Friends for Life of Freeport.

Finally, the Councilwoman acknowledged the assistance of L. I. Cares, which made all of the transportation arrangements for the bottled water. Representing L. I. Cares was Chief Executive Officer Paule Pachter and Community Event and Food Drive Manager William Gonyou. “As Islanders, we understand the impact and devastation hurricanes are capable of,” said Pachter. “To see our friends and family left in the wake of unimaginable destruction, it is our job to help Puerto Rico recover and rebuild. Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby’s efforts to build upon the assistance initially provided to Puerto Rico is both heartwarming and inspirational. Long Island Cares is honored to assist in this initiative.”

“Our town has a big heart and we care,” concluded Goosby. “I am gratified that we can send bottled water to replenish deleted relief supplies, and I want to remind people to keep collecting supplies for Puerto Rico. There is still a lot of suffering taking place, and we can make a positive difference for residents of the island.”