Clavin Announces Veterans Educational Benefits Briefing & Veterans Property Tax Exemption Update

Issued by: Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin

With the President of the United States recently signing the “Forever G.I.” bill into law and the Town of Hempstead’s approval of an expanded veterans property tax exemption, Receiver of Taxes Don  Clavin is hosting two important briefing sessions; the first in Hempstead and a second one in Hicksville.  Educational benefits for veterans and their families, along with the town’s actions to make a temporary veterans property tax exemption permanent, comprise meaningful federal and local programs that will help those who have served in the armed forces.

“We have some really great news to share with veterans,” announced Clavin.  “The federal government has recently enhanced educational benefits for veterans through the ‘Forever G.I.’ Act.  This initiative expands important educational benefits that are already in place for vets and their families.  Additionally, Hempstead Town has just expanded a property tax exemption for some veterans.  I encourage all veterans and their families to attend one of the upcoming veterans’ briefings to learn more details about the exciting news.”

The two briefing sessions are intended to provide detailed information to veterans and their families on both veterans educational benefits and the town’s updates to the Cold War Veterans Property Tax Exemption.  Additionally, Clavin and a veterans benefits counselor will answer questions, as well as arrange for appointments and “follow-up” on a host of veterans issues and benefits. The first session will occur on April 18th at 7 p.m. at Levittown Hall, 201 Levittown Parkway, Hicksville.  The second program is slated for April 25th at 7 p.m. in the Nathan L. H. Bennett Pavilion, Hempstead Town Hall, 1 Washington Street, Hempstead. 

The “Forever G.I.” Act, also known as the “Harry W. Colmery Veterans Education Assistance Act of 2017,” enhances the G.I. bill, which has offered substantial tuition assistance and other supplementary benefits.  The legislation has refocused attention on the issue of veterans educational benefits as a whole, and many veterans and their family members have questions about existing educational benefits that are available.  The town’s veterans counselor will offer an overview of educational programs that are available.

“We owe a huge debt to our veterans, and providing enhanced educational benefits to our service members and veterans is one way in which we can say thank you,” announced Clavin.  “I hope that veterans, service members and their families will attend our briefing sessions to learn more about everything our federal government has to offer in the area of educational benefits.

The property tax exemption portion of the update sessions will focus on a recent change to the Cold War Veterans Property Tax Exemption.  In specific, Clavin proposed and the Town Board adopted an amendment that has made the exemption, which previously had a 10-year sunset provision, into a permanent tax break.  The tax exemption applies to those veterans who served in active military, naval or air service of the United States between September 2, 1945 and December 26, 1991 and their surviving spouses who have not remarried and maintain their primary residence in the Town of Hempstead.

“Making permanent the Cold War Veterans Property Tax Exemption recognizes the sacrifices that our brave veterans have made in defending our nation’s freedoms,” stated Clavin.  “We have 1,500 Cold War Veterans registered in our township, and they deserve every benefit we can offer to them. G.I. educational benefits briefing and the Cold War Veterans Property Tax Exemption Update sessions offer important information to our veterans. I look forward to saluting our vets and their families at these meetings.”