Town Of Hempstead Unveils First Cyber Secure Web App For Long Island Residents

Issued by: Town of Hempstead, Office of Supervisor Laura Gillen

-Local Residents Can Easily Access Public Information and Report Issues for First Time Using Latest Form of Cyber-Secure Technology -

(HEMPSTEAD, NY) April 3, 2018 - Town of Hempstead Supervisor Laura Gillen unveiled and demonstrated the first municipal, cyber-secure web app on Long Island, available to residents seeking to seamlessly report issues and access public information from their phones and other hand-held devices.

The ‘Hempstead-On-The Go’ app provides an easily accessible, user-friendly interface for local residents to access news and view upcoming events and calendar items, along with links to live streaming public meetings and online help forms, from any hand held smartphone or tablet device.

“I ran on making the Town more transparent and information more easily accessible to residents,” said Town of Hempstead Supervisor Laura Gillen. “So I’m happy to announce the completion of one of the first of many new initiatives designed to make government more user-friendly for the more than 770,000 residents of America’s largest township.”

The Hempstead ‘ On-The-Go’ web app is designed using widely acclaimed ‘progressive’ technology, the latest trend in the tech world , considered to be the future platform of all apps since it protects users’ personal information via a secure connection, not available on traditional apps.

This latest form of technology delivers superior navigating speeds for residents, since files are much smaller and does not require downloading data and time consuming user-updates from third parties.

Furthermore, the new app allows residents to upload photos of issues on their phones, such as a blown street light, or blocked storm drain - so town support staff can see exactly where issues need to be addressed and how to fix them in advance.

“This new technology offers increased cyber-security and peace of mind to residents who may have been hesitant in the past to enter in their personal information online,” said Gillen, who noted that all of the work was done completely in-house, without the need for pricey outside consultants. “We are eliminating the ‘middle man’ with app stores, allowing us to get out information to residents in ‘real-time,’ as our staff manages updates and improvements without having to rely on the timelines of technology companies.

Cutting edge companies from across the world are starting to embrace the new technology, including Google, Twitter, Instagram, Forbes, Trivago and the Washington Post.

“The potential for this technology is almost endless, and the Town of Hempstead is on the cutting edge of it,” said Gillen.

The app currently fits any device, be it a desktop, mobile device or tablet and can be downloaded by visiting with your device and then clicking either the “Add to Home Screen” button for android users, or “Share” button followed by the “Add to Home Screen” button for apple users, located on the bottom of the screen.