Celebrate Earth Day By Paying Your Taxes! Seriously, Sign Up For E-Billing & Help Save The Planet

Issued by: Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin

Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin wants homeowners to know that they can celebrate Earth Day by paying their taxes!  It’s true, by simply signing up for e-Billing, Hempstead Town residents can help reduce the amount of paper used to print traditional tax bills and also reduce the carbon footprint associated with the production and delivery of the bills.  Clavin called Earth Day the perfect time to sign up for e-Billing as the May 10th due date for paying school taxes without penalty approaches.

“We’re working hard to save the planet one e-Bill at a time,” announced Clavin.  “By offering neighbors the option of receiving e-Bills instead of paper bills, we can conserve natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint and help save the planet.”

Earlier this year, Hempstead became the first town in New York State to offer e-Bills.  While several governments, including Hempstead Town, already accept online tax payments, other towns do not offer e-Billing.

Over 800 homeowners have signed up to receive e-Bills since the program’s launch in mid-January.  Clavin has a stated goal of signing up 2,000 property owners for e-Bills by the end of April in celebration of Earth Day.  The Receiver observed that as more residents sign up for the e-Billing service, the town will witness financial savings in addition to environmental benefits.  In fact, if 10 percent of taxpayers who typically receive their bills in the mail are signed up for e-Billing, Hempstead Town could realize savings of about $50,000 a year.  If the Receiver attains his goal of 50 percent of taxpayers enrolling for e-Billing, the program would save the town almost a quarter of a million dollars per year.

Bills are issued twice a year, once in January for the General Tax Bill and once in October for the School Tax Bill.

For those who prefer paper bills, taxpayers are not required to participate in the town’s e-Billing program.  Instead, simply do nothing, and the Town of Hempstead will continue to send paper tax bills through the U.S. Mail.  There is also the option to receive both a paper bill and an e-Bill.

Clavin detailed the environmental and other benefits of e-Bills vs. traditional paper bills: 

  • Reduces the use of natural resources (paper) required for paper bills.
  • Reduces Hempstead Town’s carbon footprint by minimizing the use of machinery needed to process paper tax bills.
  • Receive e-Bills more quickly than “snail mail” bills.
  • Eliminates concerns over lost mail.
  • Homeowners can receive their bills even if they are out of town.
  • Saves tax dollars associated with the production and mailing of traditional tax bills.

“You can sign up to go paperless, help save the planet and maybe even enjoy paying your property taxes with e-Billing,” said Clavin.  “Why not visit my office on the Web and sign up today?”

It’s fast and easy to go paperless and receive e-Bills; simply enroll by visiting https://Hempstead.egovpayments.com/egov/apps/bill/pay.egov and follow the “register for e-Billing” links.  The directions are straightforward and simple. 

A long-time friend of the environment, Clavin was the catalyst behind making e-Bills an option for local Receivers of Taxes.  He actually succeeded in championing state legislation which allows local municipalities to offer the e-Bill option.  The legislation was sponsored by former Senator Charles Fuschillo and former Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli, and signed into law in 2011.

To ensure a smooth transition from traditional tax bills to e-Bills, the town will continue to mail paper tax bills, as well as sending an e-Bill to subscribers for two billing cycles as a safeguard.  This transitional phase will help address emails that inadvertently wind up in “spam folders” and allow adequate time for property owners to get accustomed to paperless tax bills.

Sign up online today and take advantage of convenient, easy and environmentally responsible e-Bills.  In addition to e-Billing and online tax payments, the Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Office provides an array of convenient payment options, including satellite and mobile office payment dates, extended office hours and an EZ-pay drive thru payment window.  For more information, visit toh.li/receiver-of-taxes-office or the Receiver’s Facebook and Twitter pages (@tohreceiver) for important updates and event announcements.

“It’s time to celebrate Earth Day and do your part to save the planet,” concluded Clavin.  “So, pay your tax bill and sign up for e-Billing today.  I thank you, and Mother Nature will thank you too!”