Time No Longer Stands Still In Downtown Woodmere D'Esposito Unveils Renovated Clock

Issued by: Council Member Anthony D'Esposito

Councilman Anthony D’Esposito is pleased to announce the complete renovation of the Woodmere clock located on the corner of Broadway and Irving in downtown Woodmere. The Victorian clock has been an iconic fixture in the community for over a decade and had been in need of repair for several years.

“The clock told the correct time only twice a day, but now it proudly displays the correct time all day,” said Councilman D’Esposito.  “It was important to renovate the clock in the heart of the community, and I am proud to have been involved in beautifying Woodmere’s downtown.

The Hewlett-Woodmere Business Association partnered with The Town of Hempstead in this initiative for its local downtown, assisting the town with information regarding the clock.

“We are so happy that the Woodmere clock has been repaired,” said David Friedman, President of the Hewlett-Woodmere Business Association. “Thank you to former HWBA President Jaime Azcona, Councilman Anthony D'Esposito, and the terrific TOH electricians for making this possible.”

The restoration project commenced six months ago, and Hempstead Town employees were actively involved in the renovation which included researching the clock manufacturer to ascertain the parts which were needed.  Employees were able to obtain the necessary parts, and then retrofit the parts to the clock.

“I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation to our hardworking CSEA workforce who tackled this project with enthusiasm and were tenacious in their efforts to ensure the clock was restored to its original grandeur,” concluded D’Esposito. “This improvement project is a great example of local government and its residents working together for the betterment of our community, and I am happy I was able to assist.

Councilman Anthony D’Esposito (left) joins with local business members to view the newly renovated clock in downtown Woodmere.  Pictured are: Jaime Azcona of Dance Xpress and past president of the Hewlett-Woodmere Business Association; Loretta Camarda of FedEx Trade Networks; David Friedman, president of the Hewlett-Woodmere Business Association and Nick Arcuri of the Town of Hempstead.