Supervisor Gillen Updates Hempstead Town Law To Include E-Cigarettes In Parks Ban

Issued by: Town of Hempstead, Office of Supervisor Laura Gillen

(HEMPSTEAD, NY) APRIL 30, 2018 -Town of Hempstead Supervisor Laura Gillen is proposing language to update Town law to ban e-cigarette smoking in public parks. The resolution, calling for a May 22nd public hearing, codifies and adds necessary language in the Town Code that bans “lighted smoking substances,” to expressly include e-cigarettes and other non-lighted substances, such as e-cigarette devices that use vapor.

The law would apply to all Town parks and recreational facilities, except in areas that have been designated as smoking areas.

Town of Hempstead Supervisor Laura Gillen said the ban is necessary because e-cigarettes threaten the health of children, teen and adults who frequent these facilities, especially during the warmer summer months when park visits spike.

“We need to ensure our facilities are free of substances that can harm residents, including not just smoke products, but also potentially lethal and highly addictive e-cigarette products that use vapor,” said Gillen.

There are over 100 parks in the Town of Hempstead, including beaches, serving a residential population of approximately 770,000.

“We know Councilmember Dunne has been spearheading this effort and already supports this ban, and I hope to see a unanimous vote by the Town Board on this very necessary and common sense piece of legislation in order to protect our residents,” said Gillen. “Adding electronic vaping devices to the list of items and actions that the Town is legally allowed to prohibit in its public parks is a necessary requirement before we actually ban anything.”

The Town of Babylon recently passed a similar amendment in their Town Code, which added “electronic cigarettes,” along with other derivatives and similar substances to their pre-existing ban on “cigarette, cigars and pipe smoking at town parks,” in order to properly and legally strengthen and expand the ban to include.

“Step one is to make sure this provision is approved by the Town Board, and only then we can we start enforcing this very popular action,” concluded Gillen.